Enoteca Jazz

Chef Donato Scotti approached Rick, in May of 2012, to put together a Jazz Quartet to add to the dining experience for his guests at Donato Enoteca.  Instantly Enoteca Jazz was put together and remains part of the ambiance of this fine Italian restaurant in downtown Redwood City.  Each week enjoy a new sound and melodic interpretation performed by a fresh combination of musical talent.   

Since 2012 you can find Enoteca Jazz there every Thursday night from 6pm to 8:30pm.  For us it begins the weekend surrounded by longtime regular guests who come to listen to jazz music while dinning in a fantastic Italian atmosphere.  Since moving to Carmel in 2020 Rick performs with Enoteca Jazz once a month and at special events. 

Donato Enoteca
“It’s so gratifying to be able to create the kind of restaurant that honors my heritage and welcomes guests to my doors like they are part of my own family,” says Executive Chef Donato Scotti. “I want this to be a place where people will become regular guests and fall in love with the cooking, atmosphere and sense of Italian hospitality.” 

Donato Enoteca Italian Restaurant is as good as it gets!” Food & Beverage World

"Chef Donato's reputation reaches the national stage.  And Redwood City counts Donato Enoteca as one of its culinary pearl” The New York Times